Herb shrimp

Unlike traditionally farmed shrimps, herb shrimps are raised with carefully selected and blended feed, which determines their deliciousness. Herb shrimps, which feature the natural sweetness and firm texture of shrimp, are raised in an abundant water environment in India and with feed that contains specially blended herbs.

Beyond delicious: Safety and security also ensured
There are three keys to raising healthy farmed shrimps: (1) parent shrimp; (2) feed; and (3) farming environment. For herb shrimps, we (1) import healthy parent shrimps free of sickness or viruses from Hawaii, (2) raise them with a specially-blended herb feed tailored for herb shrimps, and (3) culture them in an uncrowded environment with low stocking density. In addition, by culturing them in sea water with a high salt content, herb shrimps are richer in amino acids than shrimps raised in sea water with low salt content, providing the natural sweetness and deliciousness of shrimp.
Also, traceability from the ponds they are cultured in to the final product is ensured, and we confidently deliver delicious, safe, and trustworthy final products to the table.

How should I cook herb shrimps?
Herb shrimps have a very prominent sweetness and natural umami unique to shrimps. We recommend preparing them in a way so that you can take pleasure in the taste of shrimps as they are, such as sauteing with salt or deep frying, instead of using heavy seasoning.