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■ Privacy Policy

Mitsui & Co. Seafoods Ltd (hereinafter, the Company) recognizes that it is important for advanced telecommunications companies to protect personal information, and strives to protect personal information based on the following policy.

1. The Company obtains personal information through legal and appropriate methods.

2. Unless stipulated separately by law or regulation, the Company clearly indicates the purpose for using personal information when it collects that information, and uses the information within the scope of that purpose.

3. Unless stipulated separately by law or regulation, the Company does not provide third parties with personal information without the prior consent of the person.

4. Managing personal information, etc.
(1) The Company has created entities and systems to appropriately manage personal information, widely educates executives and employees of this policy and related rules, and strives to appropriately handle personal information in daily operations.
(2) The Company implements appropriate information security measures related to unauthorized access, computer virus, etc., in order to prevent damage to, loss of, destruction of, altering of, leak of, or other problems with personal information.
(3) When outsourcing the handling of personal information to third parties, the Company strictly manages and supervises those outsourcing service providers.

5. The Company complies with laws, regulations, and Company-stipulated procedures related to requests from people to disclose, correct, end use of, delete, or take other actions related to their personal information held by the Company and appropriately responds to such requests.

6. The Company adheres to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and continually improves this policy and its personal information protection efforts. Inquiries related to the Company’s handling of personal information should be emailed to the Planning & Coordination Div.